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Ultimate Foundation of Private Property, Part 2: Presuppositions of Communication

Thursday, April 24th, 2014   Submitted by Christopher Zimny

EstopleIn Part 1 I disputed the foundation on which Hans-Hermann Hoppe builds his argument ethics. Because his argument is based on the implications of argumentation itself, his argument leaves no room for recognition of ownership by actors who do not argue with one another. In Part 2, I will review these points, but focus mainly on reconstructing Hoppe’s argument using the basic act of communication, rather than the act of argumentation itself.

Thus, let us begin.


Divided they fall

Monday, October 21st, 2013   Submitted by Topher Wulf


The libertarian solution to the monopoly on violence is decentralization. A libertarian seeks to separate the powers of government into smaller pieces. How far one carries this fragmentation of power differs from one person to the next. The difference in individual ideas validate the view of the anarchists that power needs to be broken down to the singular person. From the federal to the states, the states into counties, the counties into households, and the households down to the individual, power is to be dissolved until one may rule over only one’s own property. Anyone who does not wish to restrain their power to themselves wishes to have power over another. Decentralized power is a weakened power.


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