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The Daily Anarchist wants to publish new, original content from authors like you. To submit an article or ideas for publication,  just contact us.

Submitted content will be vetted and edited for quality control, and only the highest-quality content will be published.

The Daily Anarchist looks forward to publishing your content. We’re especially seeking articles 300–1500 words long, with interesting news, hard-hitting opinion, or an entertaining true story.

Contributors of original work will earn 12 uBTC per unique visitor who clicks on their article.

Authors are contributors who always submit high-quality content without need of proofreading by an editor. Authors can self-publish and earn 18 uBTC per unique visitor who clicks on their article.

Editors proofread and add rich content to submitted work by contributors. They are also needed to scout new contributors for Daily Anarchist. Editors earn 6 uBTC per unique visitor per article they edit.

If you are interested in contributing or editing for Daily Anarchist, please contact the Daily Anarchist.