Keene Police Ride-Along

May 5th, 2011   Submitted by Seth King

I’ve just run across this older series of videos that help to highlight not only the activism that exists in New Hampshire, but the ability to keep government officials in check. It is true that police earn their bread through coercive means and initiate violence against peaceful people, but even they have limits. Sometimes those limits are supported by their consciences, but more often it is a result of public resistance to their actions.

When individuals get involved in their community and stand up for themselves police are less likely to engage in immoral behavior. Criminals, including government officials, are more likely to prey on easy pickin’s than go after well informed, well publicized and highly networked activists. This is why many New Hampshire police have begun to look the other way when dealing with known porcupines. There is simply too much resistance to make it worth their while.

Enjoy this five part series of Free Staters who get some candid responses out of a Keene, New Hampshire officer during an evening ride-along.

9 Responses to “Keene Police Ride-Along”

  1. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    I enjoyed the cop’s justification, “I need to feed my family”. I’m sure I could feed my family by stealing from people too, but I don’t because I don’t find theft morally acceptable.

    Taxation is theft, and it is made possible by men who carry guns in their employment with the government (police, national guard, military). Stefan Molyneux talks about pointing out the gun in the room, which I agree is a great first step, but it must be followed by an announcement of to whom the hand belongs.

    Without men willing to kill for it, the state would me nothing more than a bunch of geriatrics screaming at the wind.

    The idea that free individuals might choose to employ police is irrelevant; we are not free and we do not have the choice. That’s like a rapist saying “she would have slept with me”.

  2. oooorgleNo Gravatar says:

    We love Sam Dodson! He has balls of brass!

  3. PaulNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent work, Sam!

    I agree with the critique of the “need to feed my family” justification – to a point. The fact is, a lot of people do things that they initially think are good, decent things to do (e.g. becoming a cop, or joining the military) and that they later learn have some unsavory aspects or moral inconsistencies. The thing to do, as Sam has done so well here, is gently hint of the problems so the individual in question can work his own way out of them, without causing him to get his defenses up and fighting you instead.

  4. I. M. PericlesNo Gravatar says:

    What the unevolved Democracy Parasite is actually saying is “I need to feed my family BEFORE you can feed yours…I have guns and jails if you resist”.

    Like the Nazi Monkies said – “I was just following orders”

  5. JustSayNoToStatismNo Gravatar says:

    “The thing to do, as Sam has done so well here, is gently hint of the problems so the individual in question can work his own way out of them, without causing him to get his defenses up and fighting you instead.”

    – If only it was this easy. Once someone has become a careered statist, it’s too late. It’s over. Their brain won’t let them accept the truth. The cognitive dissonance would tear his brain asunder. No one can live with knowing their whole life has been based on violence and coercion, when they initially thought it was “protecting and serving.” His subconscious knows this and keeps his guard up at all times. He actually hinted at this when he talked about how he’s already made a career of police “work.” He’s been in it too long to ever be converted. One situation I haven’t considered too much would be if he lost his job and got a new one, then maybe he could accept it…. but still not likely.

    • JohnNo Gravatar says:

      I agree, but I think the key is to stop raising statists; if we want to change the world, we have to be as patient and persistent as them. Spread the word, effect who you can, raise your kids right, that’s all we can do.

      • KeithNo Gravatar says:

        John has hit on the most powerful solution to changing the world towards anti-statism and freedom: raise your kids right. I feel the potential to change the world most when I am in the presence of my five year old son.

    • I. M. PericlesNo Gravatar says:

      Correct…It is like a Clergyman who finally realizes the stupidity of an imaginary sky daddy but hangs on because he invested his entire life into the violent sky-god hoax. Good news is they don’t live long because of internal angst of knowingly being a deceitful loser…They tend to age quickly because of it unlike politicians who get off on being deceitful losers and kicking other people around whilst robbing/enslaving them.

  6. AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    Still…respectful, candid dialogue with the adversary will yield effects in subtle ways and at a time that we cannot predict. Mere exposure to Sam’s demeanor, integrity, and words will affect the officer’s consciousness and by extension that of his friends and fellows.

    I believe that even the prison guard – figuratively speaking – whose own incarceration is in some ways more formidable than that of the inmates he oversees, could play a certain role, even if unwittingly, in the restoration of freedom.